Zane Altizer Obituary Centerburg Ohio, Zane Altizer Funeral Notice

Zane Altizer Obituary Centerburg Ohio, Zane Altizer Funeral Notice

Zane Altizer Obituary, Death –  Zane Altizer, who was 34 years old and lived in Centerburg, Ohio, passed unexpectedly on May 8, 2023 in the comfort of his own home as a direct result of an unexpected complication associated with his chronic renal condition. He was currently undergoing the procedures necessary to receive his third kidney transplant. Zane’s parents, Fred and Sherry (Salyer) Altizer, welcomed him into the world on April 20, 1989 in Columbus, Ohio. After receiving his diploma from Centerburg High School in 2006, Zane went on to secure a position in the support desk of the information technology department at The Ohio State University. Zane and his devoted wife Sarah (Higgins) tied the knot in their backyard on October 31, 2020, with a costume wedding that was appropriate for both their personalities and the season.

Zane exemplified the idiom “a bag of mixed nuts.” He was a huge fan of the franchise, but not only of the movies. He was a huge fan of the Star Wars animated series The Clone Wars as well as the Star Wars Legos in particular. As he was growing up, Zane developed a deep appreciation for the cartoons and stories produced by Disney, a passion that he eventually passed on to his wife, Sarah. They would visit Disney World as frequently as they could, and Sarah frequently brings up the time they spent on a Disney cruise as a pleasant memory of their time together. Zane has been able to have a lifelong passion for video games of all generations and platforms thanks to the hard work of his ancestors who worked on 16-bit games. He has a collection of video game consoles and personal computers.

His family and friends relied on him to help them with their technological issues on a regular basis, which he did (often with reluctance). He was a fan of a very eclectic but typically passionate mix of musical genres, including reggae, punk, and metal, with Third Eye Blind being his favorite band. His musical tastes were weirdly eclectic yet predictably passionate. Zane was an animal advocate and he and Sarah shared a deep love for their canine companions, Archie and Gigi. Zane was referred to as a “cynical hippie” by both his friends and his family. The peace, love, and a hilarious dash of nihilism that characterized Zane’s grunge mentality during the 1990s. In the midst of the lighter pleasures of life, Zane grasped the deeper, more profound realities. He had an uncanny ability to see brightness even in the darkest of situations and vice versa. He was incredibly thorough with each assignment, drawing from both of these characteristics as a way to nurture his already amazing inventiveness.

Zane’s passion was creating beautiful pieces of jewelry, such as the necklace he wore for his wedding (seen above), as well as the necklaces worn by many people who knew and loved him. His other designs have included purses, shoes, tie dye, bell bottoms, custom machinery, 3D printing, and a variety of other items during the course of his career. Zane was an incredible poet and songwriter who wrote with the sarcastic humor that became his trademark; his work was beautiful and frequently caustic. Zane was a cherished friend, brother, son, and husband to his wife. In spite of all of his flaws, he was able to appreciate other people despite all of theirs. When someone was in a bind and needed help, they could call on Zane, and he would always show up, albeit almost always late.

He was able to find humor in trying circumstances, create something beautiful with the sole intention of making someone else happy, and love in circumstances in which everything appeared to be without love. As we continue on our journey, we are aware that no matter what challenges lie ahead of us, we can always picture Zane weighing in with a hilarious anecdote or comment to lighten the mood. Zane is survived by his devoted wife Sarah Altizer, his parents Fred Altizer and Sherry Altizer (Donna Smith), his brother Graham (Julie) Altizer, his sister Abby Altizer (Preston Long), his nephews Cassian and Xander Altizer, his step siblings Zach (Rachel), Casey, and Tyler (Elaina) Smith, his mother and father-in-law Brian and Kay Higgins, his grandmother Diana Salyer, his aunts Cindy (K Zane Altizer now resides in the same place as his grandfather John and grandmother Carol Altizer, as well as his uncles Luke and Adam Altizer. He will be sorely missed by everyone.

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