Ylva Hagner Missing, FBI, Police Search Redwood City for Ylva Hagner, Stanford Student Missing Since 1996

Ylva Hagner Missing, FBI, Police Search Redwood City for Ylva Hagner, Stanford Student Missing Since 1996

Ylva Hagner Missing –  Ylva Hagner, a resident of Palo Alto and a student at Stanford, has been reported missing since the year 1996. The authorities were undertaking a search in Redwood City to look for any evidence or suspected remains connected to her disappearance. According to the Belmont Police Department, the incident occurred in Stulsaft Park, which is located in the 3700 Block of Farm Hill Blvd. in Redwood City. The activities required the park to be closed, but the police assured the public that it will be accessible later on Wednesday morning.
It looked that a digging operation was about to start when FBI officers and evidence technicians were spotted removing paving stones from the yard of a house on Farm Hill Boulevard, which is adjacent to the park.

Both the San Mateo District Attorney’s Office and the Belmont Police Department have stated that there is a connection between the search and the disappearance of Hagner. “We are conducting an investigation in Redwood City into the whereabouts of Ylva Hagner,” said Belmont Police Lt. Pete Lotti. “The case has been refocused, and we are conducting an investigation.” “In the hopes of bringing some sort of closure in regard to the case.” Lotti would not elaborate on the clues that brought them to this region or on the reasons why this house is connected to the crime; however, he did clarify that the investigation was still active.

According to the deeds and other property documents, Thomas Pressburger bought the house on Farm Hill Boulevard in March of 1996, which is around seven months before Hagner vanished. The relationship between Hagner and Pressburger was reported to be romantic by the San Francisco Chronicle at the time. He is still acknowledged as the owner of the land. On October 14, 1996, the 42-year-old Hagner was last seen at her place of employment, IXOS Software, which was a software company that was situated in Belmont at the time. The last person who was known to have seen Hagner was a corporate executive, who left the office at 9:30 p.m., leaving Hagner alone to conclude her shift and lock up the store.

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