Vladislav Ribnikar Elementary School Shooting, Belgrade, 13 Year Old Student Identified As Shooter

Vladislav Ribnikar Elementary School Shooting, Belgrade, 13 Year Old Student Identified

Belgrade School Shooting: After the attack that took place on Wednesday at the Vladislav Ribnikar elementary school in Belgrade, the 13-year-old suspect was taken into custody. The boy’s mother and father have both been taken into custody as well. The motive for the attack is still unknown, despite the fact that seven of the fatalities were female students at the school and were among those killed. During the incident, the shooter injured a total of seven people, including a teacher and six students (four more boys, two more girls). It is believed that a little boy who was shot in the neck and chest sustained the most severe injuries, while a young lady who was hit in the head is currently in serious condition.

Shortly after 8:40 (06:40 GMT), law enforcement officers clad in helmets and ballistic vests blocked off the area around the school, which is situated in the Vracar neighborhood in the city’s center. It is believed that the suspect made use of two firearms that belonged to his father, both of which were valid licences. In the time leading up to the murders, it is also reported that he spent multiple times with his father at a gun range. The incident was referred to as “the most difficult day in the modern history of our country” by President Aleksandar Vucic during his address to the nation, which was broadcast on television.

He stated that the suspect would be taken to a mental health facility for evaluation. Because he is under 14 years old, he cannot be held legally accountable under the law that is currently in effect in Serbia. In light of the recent homicides, Mr. Vucic has proposed that the age at which a person becomes legally responsible for their actions be reduced to 12. He has also recommended a number of further improvements, such as an audit on firearms licenses and a tightening of the restrictions around who can visit shooting ranges. Both of these ideas have been put up by him.

The suspect is said to have planned the attack one month in advance, and the police say that he took with him a “priority list” of children to target as well as a list of which classrooms he would enter first. On Wednesday, there were four patients who were stable and conscious. There were three boys and one girl among those who had been injured. It was claimed that a teacher who was hurt in the incident had also undergone surgery, and the health minister stated on Tuesday that the teacher’s life was in danger. The majority of the victims had birthdays in 2009, which indicates that they were between 13 or 14 years old at the time of the tragedy. A period of national mourning lasting three days will begin on Friday and continue through Sunday.

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