Vilma Leondakis Obituary, Vilma Leondakis Has Passed Away Unexpectedly

Vilma Leondakis Obituary, Vilma Leondakis Has Passed Away Unexpectedly

Vilma Leondakis Obituary, Death – We are writing to inform you of the demise of Vilma Leondakis, who was a lifelong member of our organization. She passed away recently. Please accept our condolences. This knowledge is so terrible that it cannot even be put into words. She was well-known not just for her boundless energy but also for the compassion and devotion that she displayed for everyone who connected with her. Both of these qualities earned her a great deal of notoriety.

Her name was known before she ever appeared. One of the reasons why she earned such a huge amount of attention was due to the fact that she did this. Her husband, Nicholas Leondakis, lost his battle with cancer in 2012 after a long and ultimately fruitless fight against the disease. He died away. He has 59 years under his belt. She became a widow as a result of the demise of her spouse.

Our most heartfelt condolences go out to her sister, Evangeline Layne, who lives in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, as well as to her five children: Arie Ball, who lives in Jupiter, Florida; Alexander Leondakis, who lives in Rutland, Vermont; Niki Leondakis, who lives in San Francisco, California; Mia Leondakis, who lives in Alamo, California; and Becky Kaplan, who lives in Milford, Connecticut.

Becky Kaplan makes her home in the community of Milford, which is located in the state of Connecticut. At 10:30 in the morning on Monday, May 22, there will be a funeral service performed at the Oak Grove Cemetery located in Springfield, Massachusetts. You can get to the cemetery from Bay Street at number 426. This location has more information that may be accessed on the location of the cemetery. The venue for the occasion is going to be a cemetery, thus it will function as the location.

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