Tadas Baukys Obituary Wyandotte, MI, Tadas Baukys Has Reportedly Passed Away

Tadas Baukys Obituary Wyandotte, MI, Tadas Baukys Has Reportedly Passed Away

Tadas Baukys Obituary, Death – To all of my Christian brothers and sisters, greetings! I must break the news to you with a sad heart that our dear Brother Tadas Baukys has passed away. I am sorry for your loss. In the autumn of 1997, he successfully completed the PHI course and moved on to study the eternal connection. I am sorry if this leads you to have to go through any kind of hassle. Throughout the entirety of my life, he was a close friend and comrade of mine. Both our organization and our group counted him as a brother and a member at one point.

It is with a heavy heart that I have to pass on this information to you, and it is with a heart that is filled with regret that I pass this information along to you at this time. We feel terrible that you have to go through life with such a heavy burden on your shoulders because of this. It was brought to my attention over the course of the weekend that occurred before the one that is currently taking place that he had passed away somewhere during that weekend. It has been about a week to the day since he passed away since he went away, and today marks the exact one week anniversary of his departure.

I will keep working to get more information about the visits, and as soon as I am in a position to share it with you, I will do so. In the meantime, I will continue my search for information. I shall not relent in my pursuit of this purpose, and I will continue to make efforts in that direction. I would ask that you please accept my sincere apologies for any trouble that this may create and thank you in advance for your cooperation. I am utterly heartbroken to learn of the terrible loss that you have endured. Please accept my deepest condolences.

My deepest condolences go out to Cousin Tadas’ family and friends, as well as to the Brothers of Delta Sigma Phi who are now stationed in Hong Kong. Husband to his devoted wife of 22 years, Marina; father to two loving children, Adomas and Matas; son to his mother, Milda Marija Maeikien; brother to his sister, Aist; uncle to his niece, Paulina, and nephews, Gelmis and Rokas; brother-in-law to Arvydas; friend to his truly best friend, Aurimas Jasinaukas, who was by his side every single day of his life.

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