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Sandra Simpson Obituary, Death – We mourn the loss of our matriarch, grandmother, great-grandmother, friend, and founder, Sandra Simpson. Sandra’s influence was felt far and wide, both in her own household and in the global work she pursued until her last day. Her humanitarian activities carried her to war-torn and impoverished countries including Somalia, El Salvador, Bangladesh, and India. Her commitment to the well-being of children and the value of community was consistent throughout her life. Sandra’s last day at Families for Children India was made all the more memorable by the sight of a young boy named Mohamed, who had first arrived at the organization in the summer of 2022, taking his first steps.

Sandra’s happy grin as she watched the video of Mohamed demonstrated her continuous passion and attention to her work, as this was a goal she had been keen to reach for the past year. All who knew her were impressed by her courage and convictions, and her legacy will live on via her accomplishments. Her principles are important to her family’s outlook and the mission of Families for Children. All the kids and employees at Families for Children consider Sandra to be “mummy,” and she is treated as such. Many of our contributors have been with us from the beginning, and it is thanks to their generosity that we have been able to build a community that fosters lasting change. This effect was on full display at our recent Founder’s Day celebration in India, when FFC kids reunited after years apart.

Mother always said that spring was her favorite season. She enjoyed nothing more than spending time in her garden and marveling at the emergence of her newly planted seeds. As we admire the nasturtium seeds that have germinated, we wonder if our mother has noticed them. A terrible hush has fallen over us.
Sandra, being Sandra, has asked for no fanfare or adulation. That’s why we’re having her funeral and burial in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, the place she loved the most. In lieu of a public memorial service, we ask that you honor Sandra’s life by demonstrating her commitment to and enthusiasm for family by spending quality time with your own.

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