Rosemary Crossley Obituary, Director and Co-founder Of Anne McDonald Centre Has Died

Rosemary Crossley Obituary, Director and Co-founder Of Anne McDonald Centre Has Died

Rosemary Crossley Obituary, Death – Yesterday, Rosemary Crossley, who was Director of the Anne McDonald Centre and a co-founder of the organization, passed away. The Committee of Management for the Anne McDonald Centre is making this announcement with profound sadness and a heavy heart. Her loss will be greatly missed.
Rosie and Annie’s combined efforts had an impact on the development of history.

Teaching, doing research, and advocating for those who have little or no speech have been Rosie’s life’s work, and they have altered the lives of thousands of the most vulnerable people in a number of countries over the course of the past half century. Rosie’s work has been carried out in a number of different countries. Her acerbic sense of humor and razor-sharp intellect are both attributes that will be sadly missed by everyone around her.

As a result of the passing of one of the most powerful activists for the rights of people with disabilities, the state of affairs in the globe has deteriorated significantly. Rosie was admired for her lack of timidity, her persistent determination, and her ability to build confidence in others so that they could effectively fight for themselves and the people about whom they loved. It was a privilege and an honor for me to work with Rosie, even in a supporting role, and to contribute to the establishment of the Anne McDonald Centre.

We are thinking of Chris and Rosie’s family and offering them our love and best wishes. Because of the bravery of this woman, our non-speaking adults and pupils now have access to a method of communication that is not only functional but also meaningful. Our hearts are crushed because Rosemary Crossley has died away, but because she never gave up, she will live on in the tens of hundreds of thousands of voices that have been freed as a result of her persistent work. Our hearts are shattered because Rosemary Crossley has passed away. Our hearts are shattered because she never gave up.



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