Robert Whit Obituary, Robert Whit Has Sadly Passed Away

Robert Whit Obituary, Robert Whit Has Sadly Passed Away

Robert Whit Obituary, Death – We are sorry to break the news to you, but Robert “Bob” White has passed away. Unfortunately, this is information that we are obligated to communicate with you. Our hearts were heavy when we came to this conclusion, but we knew it was the right one. Bob was well-known in White Sulphur Springs for his commitment as a member of the Emergency Medical Services team there, where he volunteered his time with the organization.

Within our group, Bob held practically every position imaginable, from EMVO to Lieutenant to Captain to President, and his final responsibilities were as the Secretary and Treasurer for the Board of Directors. Bob also served as President of our organization. Bob was a member of our staff for a considerable amount of time. Bob was the employee at our company that accumulated the most years of experience and had the greatest number of accomplishments throughout the course of our business’s history.

At this point in time, he continued his activities in the same manner as before for a number of years. Bob has been volunteering for the organization continuously ever since 1979, which is the year that he joined the Rescue Squad and became a member of the organization. During this time period, he has provided service to both the organization and the community in which he dwells. He has also been of help to others in the community.

Bob has been giving back to the community in the capacity of a volunteer fireman with the White Sulphur Springs Fire Department ever since the year 1974. In addition to those tasks, over the course of his tenure working for the department, he has also held the posts of Pump Captain and Operator at various points in time. During the next several days, we ask that you keep his family, friends, and any additional family members or friends of the family in your thoughts and prayers. Remember that I asked you to keep the previous request in mind.



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