Renee Somerville Obituary, Renee Somerville has sadly died – Death

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Renee Somerville Obituary, Death – We are utterly heartbroken to have to break the news to you that one of our treasured and cherished members of the family has passed away. They will be sorely missed in our lives. Renee Somerville committed herself and unexpectedly departed away on May 12th, the day after her birthday. Since she was such a committed and loving member of our family for more than 30 years, the entire staff here at TCFD is unable to find any consolation in the fact that she has passed away. Renee had a kind heart, was patient, and a true friend to everyone she came in contact with. We count ourselves extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to collaborate with her over the course of the years, despite the fact that her passing will leave a painful void in our lives.

We ask that you pray for her family as well as for our employees as we struggle to come to terms with this terrible loss.It has absolutely taken me by surprise, and my heart hurts for the young adults and children that she has left behind. It’s almost as if I was a fly on the wall and saw them develop as I was sitting in her chair. Her children and her husband were the two people in her life who gave her the greatest joy and satisfaction. Renee has been my personal hygienist for the past twenty years. I couldn’t imagine going to anyone else. She was concerned about every element of me, including the health of my teeth, and she provided me with wonderful care. She also listened to my struggles and offered unending words of encouragement,

which was especially useful during the 12 years that I was responsible for providing care for my mother on my own. During those years, I was the sole caregiver for my mother. She made certain to keep a close check on my dental health and supported me in remaining healthy despite the fact that I was under such a large quantity of stress as a result of my role as a caregiver. After going through all of those difficult years, I was happy for her when she finally conquered her illness and began to feel better.
It is a blessing from God that I was able to come see her recently because she came down to see me after stopping by my room to say hello a few weeks ago. I couldn’t wait till June to finally catch up with her. I will pray for this family’s capacity to find peace and for their health in the coming days.surpasses the scope of any and all cognition. Please accept my deepest condolences.

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