Patricia May Jones Obituary, Patricia May Jones Has Reportedly Passed Away

Patricia May Jones Death, Obituary – Patricia May Jones, who had spent her whole life in the city of Vineland and had attained the age of 86 when she passed away on May 11, 2023, did so in the Spring Oaks Assisted Living facility, which was also located inside the city of Vineland. Patricia May Jones had been a resident of Vineland her entire life. Patricia May Jones had lived in the same location in Vineland for the all of her life. She had never called any other location home. Patricia May Jones was a native of Vineland and had lived there for the entirety of her life, including her present day. Because she had such a strong affinity for her Vineland community, Patricia May Jones never moved out of the home where she had spent her whole childhood.

She had been battling an illness for a considerable amount of time prior to ultimately succumbing to it and passing away, but in the end, she was unable to prevail in the fight against it, and she died as a consequence of the effects of the disease. She had been battling it for a large amount of time prior to ultimately succumbing to it and passing away.
After the conclusion of the private ceremonies that will be performed at the burial area in the cemetery, the cremated ashes of the person who passed away will be placed to rest in the final resting place in Bridgeton’s Overlook Cemetery. These rites will be held at the cemetery’s burial area. These memorial services will take place at the cemetery or crematorium where the deceased individual was laid to rest, whichever is more convenient for the family.

These rituals and ceremonies won’t start until the burial ceremony is finished in its entirety; it will be a signal for their initiation. This will serve as a signal that these ceremonies may commence at this point in time now that they are prepared to do so, and it will be an indication that they are ready to do so.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions to The Parish of the Holy Cross / St. Teresa of Avila RC Church are gratefully appreciated in Patricia’s honor. These contributions will be put toward furthering the work of the church. In the memo section of your check, please write “The Parish of the Holy Cross / St. Teresa of Avila RC Church.

The full address of the church is as follows: The location of the business may be found at 46 Central Avenue, Bridgeton, New Jersey 08302, in the United States. This is the location of the church that is open to the public for worship services.

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