Michael Bowling Obituary, Man’s body recovered from Great Miami River days after crash

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Michael Bowling Death, Obituary – According to the Hamilton Police Department, the body of a man was discovered on Thursday in the Great Miami River in Butler County, Ohio. The river is located in the state of Ohio. The county of Butler was the location where the body was found. According to a press release that was issued by the Hamilton police department on Friday afternoon, a boater on the lake discovered the body just before six o’clock in the evening. This information was included in the news release. Because of this, law enforcement and emergency services personnel were dispatched to a public boat launch along the river, which is where the body was found.

In the news statement that was issued by the police and the Butler County Coroner’s Office, the person responsible for the death was identified as Michael Bowling, a resident of Hamilton who was 52 years old. Bowling was named as the person responsible for the death. Bowling was the owner of a vehicle that was involved in an accident last week involving a single vehicle, and according to the police, detectives believe that he is the one who entered the river following the incident as a result of the collision. The accident involved a single vehicle. Only one car was involved in the crash that occurred.

According to the information provided by the police, officers were sent to the location of the collision that took place on May 6 at approximately 9:50 p.m., which took place near the intersection of North Third Street and Black Street. According to the testimonies offered to the police by people who witnessed the occurrence, the driver exited his vehicle, headed toward the river, and then fell into the water face first. This information was provided by witnesses who saw the incident.

The search for the driver was initiated by the police along the riverbank, and after some time had passed during which he was presumed to be gone, he was eventually located in the river close to the Black Street Bridge.This led to the commencement of a search that lasted for many days and involved multiple search teams, including the Hamilton police, the river rescue team from the Hamilton Fire Department, the water rescue team from the Butler County Sheriff’s Office, and other search teams. The search was conducted in Hamilton.

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