Marc Strobel Obituary, Marc Strobel Has Reportedly Passed Away Peacefully

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Marc Strobel Death, Obituary – I am Lu (Luraya Lu), and I am sharing the startling and unfortunate news through Marc’s story. On Saturday, the 13th of May, Marc went away in an unexpected manner under our apple tree, which was one of his favorite places. I am no closer to understanding the exact cause. “something with the heart” is all that has been spoken to me thus far regarding this matter. Almost immediately after his body was removed, I explained to Yuma that her grandfather is moving on to a new existence, but that he will continue to be a part of our lives in his spirit. We locked up and exactly in this instant there was a heart shaped cloud. 10 seconds later it had formed like a typical cloud.

His bodily life has come to an end but the love he carried for nature and our family keeps growing in form of hundred trees and our 5 year old Yuma who is held in our community by so much love and care in these moments of disbelief. He has created a *peace* of paradise for us that he will keep enjoying with us. Many of us feel his peaceful and happy presence around. I am riding these ways of deep grief held by so many loving beings around me and at the same time I also have moments of peace and acceptance. Marc is as free as he can be and he left an unexplainanable peace. We all feel it in our neighbourhood.

Ximena Hoyos is with us too and we support each other in this process of grief and letting go.
Tomorrow at 7pm (portuguese time, western european) we will have a cermony for him where we will send blessings for his transition, we will share memories, play music and honor the beautiful and loving moments we had with him. ❤️

Feel free to join in sprit and heart, light a candle, send a prayer, send him love…
I will receive his ashes on saturday and with his family we are deciding where to let him rest in peace. With grief, peace and endless love for Marc, Yumas beautiful Papi and my beloved partner, friend and lover Yuma and Lu 🤍🤍

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