Manhattan Bridge Suicide, Man Who Drove Off Brooklyn Bridge To Avoid Arrest Dies

Manhattan Bridge Suicide, Man Who Drove Off Brooklyn Bridge To Avoid Arrest Dies

Manhattan Bridge Suicide, Death – A man committed himself by leaping from a ramp of the Brooklyn Bridge, where he was hiding from the police. He was trying to get away from them. On the scene, he was discovered to be deceased. It is said that the man, who has not been recognized, cried “I’m not going back to jail!” before jumping from the building and taking his own life. The individual has not been identified. According to the information provided by the authorities, he allegedly died away at around 12:30 in the morning on Sunday morning when he was a patient at a nearby hospital.

On Saturday, the situation that eventually led to the confrontation started when a guy made a failed effort to take a woman’s handbag and her vehicle. This attempt was followed by the altercation. According to the police, they discovered the suspect inside the vehicle together with the victim, who was attempting to flee but was unable to do so successfully. The culprit was not the only one inside the vehicle; the victim was there as well. The thief then reportedly drove off while the woman was still inside the car, and according to the police, the thief traveled in the direction of the Brooklyn Bridge while the woman was still inside the vehicle.

The driver had just collided with a police car when he came across an exit ramp that was closed, so in order to continue driving, he did a U-turn toward the direction that oncoming traffic was coming from. He was allegedly on his way back to Brooklyn at the time of the incident when he was involved in a collision with another police car, according to the officials.

It is said that when he realized that there was nothing else for him to go, he got out of the car, shouted at the cops that he would not go back to jail, and then leaped off the off-ramp of the bridge, landing on the street below. When he realized that there was nowhere further for him to go, he jumped off the bridge. This is what the records show, which were kept by the police after the incident occurred. According to the police, he was taken to the hospital by emergency medical staff, but he did not survive his arrival at the hospital and passed just a few hours later.

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