Lynn Janetta Obituary, Lynn Janetta Has Suddenly Passed Away

Lynn Janetta Death, Obituary – The passing of longtime MSD Dive Master Lynn Janetta is something that many of you may already be aware of, but it is with sorrowful hearts that we announce her passing to the rest of you. She made an impression on many members of our MSD family, and she will be missed by each and every one of them. In the early years of the new millennium, Lynn became one of our dive buddies. After completing her Open Water course, she immediately became a regular recreational diver. It wasn’t long before she kind of became MSD’s unofficial greeter. She was always one of the first people to take new fun dives under her wing and make them feel welcome and comfortable.

She was usually one of the first people to take new fun divers under her wing. It was immediately clear that she had a great deal of enthusiasm not only for the activity itself, but also, and perhaps more crucially, for the group of divers that she was immersed in. It should therefore come as no surprise that she ascended the ranks relatively rapidly and attained her PADI Dive Master rating in a matter of a few of years. She directed the fun dives for a number of years, organized and presided over a number of the underwater pumpkin carving competitions held at the end of the year, and was an enormous assistance to us for the ten years that we hosted the Dive Fests. on addition to this, she was a regular participant on MSD diving trips, thereby disseminating her ‘Lynness’ on a global scale…

Now, I could continue on like this for quite some time (because the praise is both deserved and heartfelt), but even Lynn would be tired of all of this “sunshine” by now if I did that.
I believe that I (this is Todd by the way) was her instructor for the majority of her classes, and while each and every session that Lynn attended was unforgettable, the dive master class stands out as the one that stands out the most. The DM course is not a simple one, as it requires a significant amount of time spent in the classroom in addition to open water and pool experience. The pool is where you will practice and review your abilities, as well as participate in simulated rescues and timed swims.

Now, to say that Lynn was a little bit on the lazy side is not accurate; perhaps a better way to describe her would be as someone who was just “not too hung up on OVERachievement.” The “It’s too far; It’s too heavy” card was played by her rather frequently. Clearly, I was the one who exerted the most pressure on her. The end outcome was that she performed really well. Everyone here who knew Lynn could have provided an answer to that question. In later stages of our diving careers, we found that we had many experiences in common. I can’t count how many times I’ve felt relieved when leading divers about the mines on fun dives, just knowing that Lynn was topside taking care of things there.

Or, when we were doing dive rescue, the knowledge that she was up on the ice taking care of my rope was a huge source of solace for me, and I’m sure it was the same for the majority of the crew. There was no one else I could have imagined being more at ease with having next to me while we hung from a tow bar behind the boat with no visibility whatsoever. You have been a bright spot in the lives of many people, are deeply appreciated, and will be sorely missed.
You can see Lynn’s obituary and learn more about her services by following the link that is provided below.…/Lynn-Nelson-Jannetta

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