Katherine Gillespie-Sells Obituary, Popular LGBTQ rights campaigner has Died

Katherine Gillespie-Sells Obituary – Everyone in this location is in a state of deep depression as a direct result of the heartbreaking news that Katherine Gillespie-Sells, an advocate for the rights of LGBTQ+ people, has passed away. She fought for them to receive equal treatment on their behalf. She was a psychologist, a writer, an activist for the rights of LGBTQ+ persons and individuals with disabilities, and the creator of REGARD, which is a national organization that is entirely administered by volunteers.

She was also an activist for the rights of individuals who were born with disabilities. 2017 was the year of her passing away. Volunteers are responsible for all aspects of running the REGARD organization. In 2010, she was one of the candidates for the Stonewall Hero of the Year award, which ultimately led to her being considered for the MBE in 2011.

Her commitment to helping LGBTQ+ people who struggled with impairments resulted in the MBE being bestowed upon her as a mark of recognition for the work she had done in this field. As a consequence of the praise that she has gotten as a result of her efforts, she was presented with the medal as an award. At this time, we are keeping each and every member of her extended family as well as those in her closest circle of friends in our thoughts and prayers. We are also keeping her immediate family in our thoughts and prayers.

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