Jessica Witt Murder, Where is William Patrick Alexander Now?

Jessica Witt Murder, Where is William Patrick Alexander Now?

Jessica Witt Murder, Death –  The chilling true story of Jessica Witt’s murder in 1992 at the hands of a person she knew and trusted — someone she believed would never intentionally harm her — is dissected in the documentary series ‘Evil Lives Here: I Wished My Son Were Dead’, which airs on Investigation Discovery. As a result of the fact that this topic encompasses a wide range of emotions, from love and greed to sorrow and fear, the episode uses a combination of interviews and theatrical reenactments to get to the bottom of what exactly took place and why.

If you are interested in learning more about Jessica, the heinous crime, and the person who committed it, we have compiled all of the pertinent information for you to peruse at your leisure. Jessica Lynne Witt was a high school student as well as an employee of a telemarketing company at the age of 17. She had also moved out of her parents’ home in search of more independence by the time she was 17. She was just like any other ordinary adolescent in that she spent the majority of her time with her friends and her boyfriend, William Patrick Alexander, but what set her unusual was the fact that she even lived in an apartment that she shared with other people.

It is said that she was a kind and caring young girl who had her own hopes and ambitions, but in the late hours of January 20, 1992, her entire future was stolen away from her in one of the most heinous ways imaginable, and she was left with nothing. On that tragic winter evening, the native of Dallas was taken to a remote and wooded region close to North Forth Worth, Texas, where she was shot and killed in an instant and then buried in a shallow grave. But no one knew about it until hours later, and even with the help of a tip that turned out to be extremely important later on, it took the officials in Tarrant County days to find her remains. The fact that Jessica had been shot twice in the face did not become known until much later, which indicates that her assailant had aimed the rifle directly at her in order to ensure that she had very little to no chance of surviving for an extended period of time.

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