Jay Lynch Obituary, Jay Lynch Has Reportedly Passed Away

Sam Eaton Obituary, Sam Eaton Has Sadly Passed Away

Jay Lynch Death, Obituary – A pedestrian was killed in an accident that took place in north Charlotte a week ago, and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said on Wednesday that they have a strong suspicion that impairment had a role in the accident, which resulted in the death of the pedestrian. The occurrence occurred on March 6th of this year. The incident that took place had both a person and an automobile as participants. At around six o’clock in the morning on Thursday, reports of the event were received at 11200 North Tryon Street, which is situated in close proximity to the University area. Officers responded to these complaints and investigated the situation. The University district is conveniently positioned in close proximity to the region. Jay Lynch, age 53, was found with injuries and sent to a local medical facility.

However, he was pronounced dead due to the effect of his injuries shortly after arriving at the institution. Jay Lynch was sent to a neighboring medical institution after being discovered with injuries after being escorted there.Lynch was reportedly strolling down the street when he walked into the path of a Ford sedan that was being driven by Paul Hunter, 30, and was struck by the car, as stated by the criminal complaint that was submitted by the police. Lynch was subsequently injured as a result of the incident.

Lynch sustained injuries as a direct result of the collision. At this point, we do not know the extent of his injuries. This was the conclusion that was reached after doing some basic investigation on the occurrence that was being investigated. The notion that Lynch was impaired stood in striking contrast to Hunter’s apparent lack of impairment due to the fact that both Lynch and Hunter were considered to have passed the sobriety test.

Because of the delay in their release, the findings of the toxicological test have not been made available to the general public as of yet.

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