James Welsh Ward Obituary, James Welsh Ward Has Passed Away

James Welsh Ward Death, Obituary – James Welsh Ward ‘Jim’ On May 8, 2023, he took his last breath and departed this world for good. He was never seen or heard from again. His dying took place on that particular day. He was completely gone with no traces left behind. aging by a total of 84 years as a group, taking into account all aspects of aging and collectively. In my earlier years, in addition to living on Axels Road, I also spent time commuting between Macksville and Talarm on a regular basis. This was during the time when I was working. as a consequence of the location of the event, an esteemed friend of Barbara’s who, much to our incomprehensible loss, died away just recently.

His children and their wives, Warren and Kim, Tony and Sebastian, Leanne and Glenn, and Nigel and Vicki, all hold a very high regard for their father and appreciate the memories they have of him. His children and their spouses are Warren and Kim, Tony and Sebastian, Leanne and Glenn, and Nigel and Vicki. Warren and Kim, Tony and Sebastian, Leanne and Glenn, Nigel and Vicki, and Leanne and Glenn make up his children, respectively.

In addition to being Christopher’s father before the latter’s untimely death, he was also the father of Stacey, Shaun, Brook, and Justin before Christopher passed away. Before Christopher’s death, he was also Christopher’s father. This is a reference to Christopher’s naming ancestor, who went by the name Christopher. He was the brother of John, who had passed away, Margaret, who had also passed away, Clair, Frank, and Garry.

Margaret and John had both passed away. Both John and Margaret had taken their final breaths. Margaret and John had both drawn their last breaths at the same time. Both John and Margaret had taken their final breaths at the exact same moment. In addition, by this point in time, both of their parents had already departed away as a result of the sicknesses that they had endured. Someone who is an amazing friend to Beverley and who is never more than a few steps away from her side.

If you would like additional information regarding the funeral, please go to the website that is listed below and click on the link: https://www.bernardlaverty.com.au/notices…/client/…

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