Interstate 690 Car Accident, Syracuse, NY, Traffic Delay After Thee Vehicle Crash

Interstate 690 Car Accident, Syracuse, NY, Traffic Delay After Thee Vehicle Crash

Interstate 690 Car Accident – At nine o’clock in the morning, the Department of Transportation issued a traffic notice stating that all lanes of eastbound Interstate 690 in Syracuse were once again open to travel. The notice was sent in the early morning hours. On the other hand, the route that leads into Syracuse is experiencing considerable traffic bottlenecks at the moment.

Original report:The city of Syracuse in the state of New York — As of the early morning hours of Wednesday, officials from law enforcement agencies have closed two separate stretches of the Interstate 690 due to accidents. Because of an accident involving an overturned tractor-trailer, the ramp leading from 690 North to Downer Street Road/NY 31 (Van Buren) is currently closed in its entirety, as stated in a notification provided by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Around 7:20 in the morning, the route was closed for safety reasons.

Two lanes of eastbound Interstate 690 have been closed after Exit 8/Hiawatha Boulevard (Syracuse) due to a collision that involved three vehicles, according to an alert from the DOT and dispatches from the Onondaga County 911 Center. At least one automobile was involved in the event that occurred in Syracuse, which involved the vehicle being turned in the wrong direction. It seems that another vehicle has been involved in a collision with the median.

The dispatchers asked for three separate ambulances to be summoned in response to their request. A message that was released by the Syracuse Police Department warned drivers going on Route 690 to brace themselves for “heavy delays” in their journeys. State Fair Boulevard is the route that the authorities advise motorists to take when leaving the region, as stated in the tweet.

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