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Fred Stewart Thomson Death, Obituary – We are deeply saddened to notify you of the passing of Fred Stewart Thomson, who was renowned not only as an exceptional instructor at Dunn School but also as a beloved parent, spouse, athlete, and philanthropist. It is with great regret that we share this news with you. We want to offer our most sincere condolences and send our best wishes for love and peace to the family and friends of the deceased. In addition to being an incisive and much-loved history teacher and, for a number of years, the committed Athletic Director and Track & Field coach, Stewart was arguably most well-known for his towering and powerful frame as well as his ability to lift weights.

He also served as the dedicated Athletic Director and Track & Field coach for a number of years. In addition to that, he devoted a number of years to the roles of Athletic Director and coach of the track and field team. He taught history in secondary schools all the way up to the high school level.
While Stewart was busy working and growing his family on campus, he and his wife Sally, who was also prominent in the local professional community, never missed a chance to engage in any of the many activities and events that the institution had to offer.

While Stewart was busy working and raising his family on campus, Sally was also prominent in the local professional society. In addition to this, Stewart was an important member of the professional community and contributed to its overall development. “Stewart ‘Moe’ Thomson showed us how to become men and, more specifically, how to become gentlemanly men,” The book “A History of the Dunn School,” which was written by Ralph Lowe and can be found online, was published.
You are more than welcome to leave a note on the We Remember webpage that is specifically dedicated to the Thomson family. The webpage can be found at You also have the ability to post a comment on this page.

If you have a happy memory or photo that you’d want to share with the Thomson family and the friends of the Thomson family, please don’t be shy about doing so.

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