Francois Guy Longueuil Quebec Accident, Singer François Guy died after an Accidental Fall

Francois Guy Longueuil Quebec Accident, Singer François Guy died after an Accidental Fall

Francois Guy Longueuil Quebec Accident –  Francois Guy, a singer and songwriter from Quebec, passed away unexpectedly last Friday at the age of 76, following an accident involving a fall that occurred at his chalet in the Laurentians. Sylvain Cormier, a journalist for Le Devoir, made the announcement on social media on Monday evening at the request of Isabelle Lajeunesse, the singer’s spouse. The news was very sad. Francois Guy passed away on May 12th, the previous Friday. He had 76 years under his belt. It took place in Labelle’s mountain cabin. In a lengthy post on Facebook, Sylvain Cormier, a friend of the artist, recounted how everything happened “overnight,” as the saying goes.

It was a dumb mishap, on par with other unfortunate occurrences. A fall, a horrific fall. Straight to the grave. “Five minutes before, he was singing,” says his cherished Isabelle, the Isabelle of the song Isabelle, his companion for 41 years, who begged me to write these lines. Isabelle is the Isabelle from the song Isabelle. The journalist lauded the life and work of his buddy, whom he described as a human being of uncompromising quality, who loved his world and took care of it, and who was engaged in music. The journalist also commended the friend’s accomplishments in the field of journalism. The Sinners will be performing at a performance before the Doors.

Francois Guy began his career as a musician in 1965 with the garage rock group Les Sinners. He was born in 1947 in the Saint-Henri neighborhood of Montreal, and the group was created in 1965. The trio first came to widespread attention in 1967 when a French copy of the Beatles song “Penny Lane” began to be broadcast often on a number of radio stations around the country. The vocalist released her debut self-titled solo album in 1973 with the assistance of Robert Charlebois. The album featured the songs “Elle, elle est là” and “Take Me,” the latter of which had its music later redone by Joe Dassin under the title “C’est du mélo.” Charlebois will also have a significant impact on the trajectory of Francois Guy’s professional life.

He had an extremely outstanding and colorful language for the historical period. Francois Guy, who was still appearing on the show Dessine-moi un matin, described Charlebois as being similar to a pole in terms of the originality in song that he possessed. The man released a few more solo albums until 1983, at which point he decided to call an end to his career as a musician and instead focus on the production of theater with his wife, Isabelle Lajeunesse.

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