David J. Schultz II Obituary, David J. Schultz II Has Suddenly Passed Away

David Colon Obituary, Springfield Massachusetts David Colon Has Passed Away

David J. Schultz II Death, Obituary – Our in-house resources have been inundated with an unconquerable quantity of pain ever since we learned that David J. Schultz II had passed away. Since that time, we have been devastated. Since we found out about his dying, things have been like this consistently. This information has been sent to us, and therefore we are aware that he has passed away at this point in time. We are thankful, along with a substantial number of other theaters in our community, that he was able to perform on our stage and speak to our children in our classrooms. We are also pleased that he was able to do both of these things. We would be grateful if other theaters in our area would express their gratitude to him for both of these possibilities, and we would also want the chance to personally thank him for his assistance.

David was well-liked and held in great esteem by a large number of people, and the Roanoke theater community considered him to be one of its most important assets and most vital pillars. David passed away in the year 2000. 2013 was the year when David died away. David passed away in 2013, which was the year in question. Because David went away in the year 2000, this particular year has a lot of significance.

On April 15, 2018, David was stolen from us in a manner that would never allow him to return to us. We will never be able to have him back. David will never come back into our lives. During this difficult time, he and all of the members of his family and friends who are especially close to him are in our thoughts and prayers. In addition, during this trying time, all of the other friends and family members who are close to him are also in our thoughts and prayers.

During this trying time, we are keeping the remainder of his family as well as his friends and acquaintances in our thoughts and prayers.

In addition to this, we are also considering the components of our distinctive identities that are distinct from one another.

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