Courtney Winston car accident, Courtney Winston TikTok car accident video goes viral

M3 crash Winchester, Traffic and Disruption Following Crash

Courtney Winston car accident – A video of a car accident involving Courtney Winston has recently gone viral online, and viewers are debating whether or not the video depicts a true event or is staged to create a startling effect. According to the information provided in this article, the video was initially shared on TikTok before making its way to other online discussion forums such as Twitter. A video with “unsettling audio and visuals” purportedly showing an automobile accident involving a woman named Courtney Winston is said to have been shared on TikTok by a user. This individual is said to have posted the video.

According to what appeared to be an assertion made in the video, the incident took place in Florida three years ago. Even though it was only a brief video that had been uploaded to the internet, the substance of the video was quite distressing. It purported to show a real-life incident in which a woman was driving and hit a student who appeared to be crossing the street.

Screams can be heard coming from the direction of the woman who was driving later on in the video after the collision. According to the information presented in the report, the caption to the video purportedly stated the following: “On December 15, 2016, this video was taken in Florida where 34-year-old Courtney Winston, unfortunately, ran over this group of college students, unfortunately, none of them survived the impacts of the car.”

The report claims that this video has been proven to be phony, despite the fact that when it was first posted online, it sparked quite a bit of controversy. This second article seems to confirm that the video and audio are fakes as well. This is due to the fact that no evidence of an accident being reported or documented at this time could be discovered online.

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