Cori Piotrowski Obituary, Cori Piotrowski Has Sadly Passed Away

Mavis D. Walcott Obituary, Orlando, FL, Mavis Walcott Has Died

Cori Piotrowski Obituary – We are saddened to inform you that a member of the OFSI family, Cori Piotrowski, has died away. Please accept our condolences. As we deliver this news, our stomachs are turning, and our hearts are breaking. This past weekend, despite putting up a brave fight against a particularly severe kind of cancer, she succumbed to the effects of the illness. She was one of the most breathtakingly beautiful people that anyone could have ever had the opportunity to cross paths with in their life. She was blessed with a golden heart of the purest sort, and she spread boundless joy to everyone she came in contact with.

She left an indelible impression on each and every person that she conversed with and engaged in activity with. Not only was she an outstanding contributor to the team, but she was also a member of the OFSI family and someone whom all of us here cherished deeply. During that moment, she had just turned 35 years old. It is possible to observe her striking a pose with her incredibly cute and little daughter in this picture. It is quite unusual for OFSI, as an institution, to reach out to individuals on a social media platform in order to ask for monetary contributions to any cause.

It is possible that some of you are already aware of the fact that the costs associated with a funeral might reach exceedingly expensive levels. The only reason we are asking for donations is because this person was a member of her family or a member of our staff who made a significant difference in the lives of these people. It is not possible to alleviate the sorrow that her family is facing by relieving the burden of financial limitations; nevertheless, it is possible to decrease the additional stress that comes with being concerned with finances during a time that is already tough.

We have given, and now we are humbly requesting that you pay WHATEVER YOU CAN in order to aid us in addressing the costs associated with her burial fees. GOD BLESS!

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