Claudia Iacono Murder Montreal Quebec, Claudia Iacono Has Sadly Passed Away

Claudia Iacono Murder Montreal Quebec, Claudia Iacono Has Sadly Passed Away

Claudia Iacono Murder, Death – Montreal resident shot to death; female victim The victim is a daughter-in-law or daughter-in-law-to-be of one of Moreno Gallo’s (2) sons. The woman who was killed while driving on Tuesday afternoon in the Côte-des-Neiges neighborhood is the spouse of one of the sons of the late Calabrian mafioso Moreno Gallo, according to information obtained by The Press. The shooting occurred in the heart of rush hour. At approximately 4:30 o’clock in the afternoon, the victim, Claudia Iacono, was driving her automobile when she was struck by gunshots and then crashed into a building on rue Jean-Talon, close to rue de la Savane. After being called to the area, the police discovered that a woman had been struck by at least one projectile fired from a firearm. This was discovered after the police had arrived on the scene.

According to the details that we have, the deceased person was the partner of Anthony Gallo, who is the son of Moreno Gallo. It would appear from the facts that we have that the perpetrator or perpetrators of the crime followed the victim. According to the reports, witnesses spotted the suspect escape the scene on foot. Investigators with the Major Crimes Unit of the Montreal Police Department will have to establish whether or not the victim was, in fact, the intended target. If this is the case, the likelihood of the wife of a person with ties to organized crime becoming the target of a murder plot is extremely low.

One of the ladies in the Gallo family has been assaulted by unknown individuals before, so this is not the first time it has happened. Moreno Gallo’s wife was abducted in the fall of 2019, and her captors held her for several hours in a trailer next to an auto parts yard on rue Lafayette in Laval. Eventually, the seventy-year-old was able to escape from her kidnappers. Moreno Gallo, a member of the Calabrian cell that rallied to the Sicilians and the owner of the Solid Gold strip club on Boulevard Saint-

Laurent, is suspected of taking part, along with members of other clans, in an effort to overthrow the Rizzuto family in the year 2010. But Vito assumed control of the Montreal mafia in the beginning of 2013, and Gallo was killed the following year in a hotel restaurant in Cancun, Mexico, most likely as a result of his disloyalty to Vito’s organization. Mistaken identity? More when it comes to light

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