Cassandra Gelineau Obituary, Cassandra Gelineau Has Fatally Passed Away

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Cassandra Gelineau Death, Obituary – ST. PETERSBURG, FL — In the early hours of Saturday morning, a vehicle struck a pedestrian who was crossing the street in the area of Child’s Park, and the individual was subsequently murdered. The individual who died was a female. According to the information provided by WTSP, the collision occurred at around 2:15 in the morning close to the intersection of 15th Avenue South and 34th Street South. The information provided by the St. Petersburg Police Department indicates that the driver of a blue 2006 Lexus RX330 was headed north when they collided with the pedestrian. After further investigation, the pedestrian was found to be a woman named Cassandra Gelineau who was 28 years old.

At the hospital, it was determined that Gelineau was no longer alive. The car did not come to a halt to provide help or to report the incident to the appropriate authorities; rather, it fled the scene as swiftly as it could.According to the St. Petersburg Police Department, the automobile was located, but the suspect has not been identified or located at this time.It was agreed to begin an investigation into the matter. At this juncture, it is not possible to provide any additional information to the reader.When our team receives new information, they will give updates as soon as they are available.

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