Buffalo Grove Car Accident, IL, 4 Students Killed in Multi Crash

Buffalo Grove Car Accident, IL, 4 Students Killed in Multi Crash

Buffalo Grove Car Accident – A collision involving three vehicles in Wheeling claimed the lives of four students attending Buffalo Grove High School. The collision took place on Tuesday night at approximately 10:20 p.m. near the intersection of the Dundee and Schoenbeck roads, as reported by the police. The victims’ ages ranged from 16 to 18, and they all died tragic deaths. It has been confirmed that the teenagers in question attended Buffalo Grove High School by High School District 214. Their identities have not been made public at this time. According to the information provided by the school district, there is still one pupil being treated in a hospital. According to the police, the principal causes of the incident appear to be excessive speed and a disrespect for the various traffic signals. The following is the statement that was issued by the school district:

During this time of tragedy, we want the family and friends of these students to know that we are thinking about and praying for them. We would like to extend our sympathies to all of the staff members, students, and families at Buffalo Grove. In order to show respect for the families who are going through an unbearable ordeal at this time, the names of the kids who were killed have not been made public.

The fire that occurred last evening has forced the closure of Buffalo Grove High School for today. We will nevertheless be making counselors accessible as quickly as possible in order to assist our school community in coping with this devastating loss, and we will immediately tell students, staff, and families regarding this matter. The deadly collision is being looked into right now. There has been no additional information offered up until this point in time. Anyone who witnessed the collision or has information related to it is requested to get in touch with the Wheeling Police Department at (847) 459-2632.

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