Ashley Roger Obituary, Ashley Roger Has Tragically Passed Away


Ashley Roger Death, Obituary – As soon as I found out about the terrible disaster that had occurred at the Nash Fingerpost intersection over the weekend, I was filled with an enormous sensation of grief. I had the impression that everything in my universe had suddenly collapsed in on top of me. I was under the definite sense that there was nothing I could do to stop the onslaught of feelings that were washing over me. One of the people that was hurt as a result of this incident was a woman named Ashley Rogers. He had only recently turned 29 years old at the time, so he was still considered a young man.

Over the course of the past 12 years, this particular location has been the setting for a number of incidents, three of which resulted in fatalities for those involved. There were three people who lost their lives as a result of these accidents. In addition to it, there have been further occurrences that have taken occurred within this location. Since the day I was first elected to represent Wales in the House of Commons, I have been a steadfast supporter of the concept that a roundabout should be erected at that particular intersection. I believe it would be safer and more convenient for drivers and pedestrians.

I feel that it would make driving and walking much safer and more convenient for everyone involved. On the other side, back in 2012, the Minister of Transport gave me some advice to the effect that “On the basis of traffic volumes using this junction, its upgrading to a roundabout is not currently justified.” This was in response to my question regarding whether or not a roundabout would be justifiable.

Since that time, a sizeable number of individuals, including yourselves, local members of the Senedd Angela Burns and Samuel Kurtz, and county councillor Tessa Hodgson, have persisted in requesting that it be made more secure.

In regard to this issue, there is a possibility that the Welsh Government will at last take some action today. This comes after a long period of inaction on their part.

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