Annapuranee Jenkins Obituary, Vanished Australian Woman Reported Dead

Annapuranee Jenkins Obituary, Vanished Australian Woman Reported Dead

Annapuranee Jenkins Obituary, Death – A coroner’s court here handed down an open verdict in the inquiry into the early death of Australian Annapuranee Jenkins (picture). The coroner, Judge Norsalha Hamzah, gave the ruling because she was unable to determine the cause and type of death or identify any criminal element based on the testimony presented to the court. Jenkins’ remains were recovered in 2020, three years after she went missing while on vacation in the region in 2017.

“There was insufficient evidence to establish the facts of the case,” she ruled in a George Town court on Wednesday. A coroner issues an open verdict when he verifies the occurrence of a suspicious death but does not specify the cause. According to Norsalha, a post-mortem examination indicated that the bones unearthed belonged to Jenkins, despite the fact that they were fragmentary and the cause of death was unclear.

Jenkins, who was born in Parit Buntar, Perak, had gone to Penang for a usual holiday with her Australian husband before going missing after stepping out of an ehailing car on a busy street in 2017.
Following the disappearance of the missing woman, a family member distributed banners and posters with her contact information. On June 24, 2020, police uncovered human bone fragments and personal stuff in a thicket near the Penang Turf Club in Jalan Batu Gantung, and they believe they are connected to Jenkins.

They were later identified as hers. According to Norsalha, the court heard testimony from many agencies and witnesses, but no substantial evidence was presented to indicate where and how the deceased died. “Taking into account the information and testimonies, the coroner’s court is unable to determine the real cause of death, and we are unable to determine if there were any third party criminal elements in this case or if there was no criminal element at all,” Norsalha said before declaring an open verdict.

Outside the court, her son, Greg Jenkins, told Bernama that the verdict had taken him and his family by surprise. “We were hoping that the coroner would notice all of the gaps, leading to a reinvestigation to determine the cause of death.” “For the time being, I will consult with my sister about next steps.” “We will not give up on seeking justice for Mum,” he declared.



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