Andrew Contreras Obituary San Antonio, TX, Andrew Contreras Has Reportedly Died

Andrew Contreras Obituary San Antonio, TX, Andrew Contreras Has Reportedly Died

Andrew Contreras Obituary, Death – One member of a motorcycle gang made the fatal mistake of attempting to elude a deputy, which ultimately led to his death. On Saturday night, just a few minutes before 9 o’clock, an officer made an attempt to pull over a fast biker. “While driving his car in the westbound lanes of Loop 410, one of our deputies assigned to the gang unit was passed by a motorbike traveling at a very high rate of speed.

According to Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, “The deputy himself was traveling at highway speeds and this motorcycle passed by, literally, well in excess of the speed limit.” Following a series of stops and starts followed by a drawn-out pursuit, the deputy eventually lost sight of the biker. On the footage, it can be seen that the motorcyclist continued to weave in and out of the other vehicles. “It’s pretty obvious that you’re driving with a high degree of recklessness,” stated Sheriff Salazar.

However, when the deputy arrived at the crossroads of State Highway 151 and Loop 410 on the West Side, he found that the biker had been involved in a collision with another car. “He found the wreckage of the motorcycle where it appears that it had hit at least one other vehicle and burst into flames,” said Sheriff Salazar. “He found it in the area where it had occurred.” Andrew Contreras was operating the motorbike when it was involved in the accident, and he was pronounced deceased at the spot.

Sheriff Salazar stated that it was clear that the driver of the motorbike was struck head-on during the collision. In a private vehicle, three persons who were passengers in the car that the motorcycle slammed into were brought to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. On the body of the deceased rider, police discovered a gun. According to the authorities, he had outstanding warrants and was a well-known member of a motorcycle gang. The deadly accident took place prior to the man turning 28 years old. During the course of various investigations that lasted many hours, deputies took the precaution of closing off the area.

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