Amy Silverstein Obituary, ”A Life of Three Hearts” author Amy Silverstein dies at 59

Amy Silverstein Obituary, A Life of Three Hearts, author Amy Silverstein dies at 59

Amy Silverstein Obituary – Amy Silverstein, a prominent author whose two memoirs, including “Sick Girl” from 2007, described her arduous yet beautiful voyage through a life that required two heart transplants, passed away on May 5. Her books included “Sick Girl,” which was published in 2007. It was the year 59. Her husband, Scott Silverstein, has verified that she has passed away, but he has not disclosed the location of her passing. Cancer was the root of the problem, which Ms. Silverstein believed was caused by the years of post-transplant medication she had taken. Chappaqua, New York was her home at the time.

Her passing was predicted, by Ms. Silverstein herself, in an essay titled “Opinion” that appeared in The New York Times on April 18th of this year. “Today, I will explain to my healthy transplanted heart why, in what may be a matter of days or weeks at best, she — well, we — will die,” Ms. Silverstein said in her letter. She continued by relating how these ideas came to her during one of her frequent hard jogs, saying, “I slide my hand across my chest and speak aloud, palm to my heart’s crisp beating.” “I am so sorry, dear girl,” the speaker said.

She is not accustomed to hearing me in this manner, outside of my thoughts, or beyond the physical space that we occupy together. At that point, the details of her life with successive hearts that were not her own (both, by coincidence, came from 13-year-old girls, and one of whom died in a car crash) were familiar to legions of admirers through her numerous magazine articles and television appearances, as well as her two books, including “My Glory Was I Had Such Friends,” which was published in 2017.

Ms. Silverstein frequently expressed her profound appreciation for the life-changing impact of each transplant, the first of which occurred in 1988, when she was 24 years old and enrolled in the second year of her law degree program at New York University. However, her life did not return in any way to the way it had been before. She stated this in an interview that she gave in 2007 to the publication Marie Claire. “People don’t recognize that it’s hard because I’m not toting around an oxygen tank, and I appear to be fine,” she remarked at the time. “I guess you could say I have a double life.

After a lengthy meal with my pals, as soon as I stand up from the table, they exit the restaurant without saying a word. My heart is yelling at me to stop, but all I can do is keep moving forward. The majority of individuals don’t give much thought to the fact that standing immediately causes your heart rate to speed up. My own does not, and if I do one of those things, I get an uncomfortable feeling all over my body.

Amy Jill Shorin was born in Queens on June 3, 1963. She is the younger of two daughters that were born to Arthur T. Shorin and Arlene (Fein) Shorin. Arthur T. Shorin was the chief executive of Topps, a company that produces sports cards and memorabilia. Arlene (Fein) Shorin was the chief financial officer of Topps. Great Neck, which is located on Long Island, New York, is where Amy spent her childhood after her parents separated.

Before pursuing a career in the legal field, she received a bachelor’s degree in journalism from New York University in 1985 and was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa honor society during her time there.

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