Allison Lozano Missing Harris County Found Dead in Suitcase

Allison Lozano Missing – The woman whose body was discovered stuffed in a suitcase by a couple who were out walking their dog in the northern part of Harris County earlier this week has been recognized by the Harris County Medical Examiners’ office. Allison Lozano, who was 39 years old and lived in Spring, was identified as the lady who was found, according to the KHOU 11 news station in Houston. Even though her name has been revealed, the circumstances surrounding her passing and the specifics of her passing are still unknown.

The decomposing body of Lozano was discovered on May 7 at around 8:30 p.m. by a couple who were out walking their dog in the 22800 block of Imperial Valley, which is close to Cypress Slough Drive. According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, as the couple discovered Lozano’s death, they immediately signaled for a neighboring deputy to come help them. Because Lozano’s body was in such an advanced condition of decay when it was found, the police were unable to positively identify her at the time. A grassy, desolate stretch of land about a block distant from a commercial district was confirmed to be the location of the suitcase that contained Lozano’s body when it was discovered.

According to statements made by Sgt. Jason Brown of the Harris County Homicide Division on Monday, authorities believe the body was “intentionally” dumped. In addition, homicide investigators are conducting a thorough investigation into her death, and they have requested that anyone with information contact the Homicide Division of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

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